Peripheral Cables – Types of adaptors, USB, and other connectors

USB technologyTransfer rate or Throughput
USB 1.112 MBps
USB 2.0480 MBps
USB 3.05 GBps
USB 3.110 GBps
USB connectorDescription
Mini USBPopular for camera
Micro USBPopular for mobile devices, which needs even smaller space
USB CBecause USB A only plugs in one way. So this frustration led to invent USB C.
Another advantage of USB C is that neither side connectors will need to negotiate on who is gonna be upstream and who is gonna be downstream
USB BWhen USB 3.0 came along, they came up with new type of USB B. And, this is used for SATA External drives.

USB Colour codes

USB ColourDescription
BlueBlue connector is either USB 3.0 or USB 3.1
BlackBlack connector is USB 2.0
Red Red connectors are special. They are power connectors, sometimes, it also has orange

Using blue to black or vice versa will only work on slower speed.


Combination of PCI E and display port. For monitors, can charge, data transfers etc.

Three different versions.

  • Version 1.0 – 10 Gbits /s runs on two channels total os 20
  • Version 2.0 – 20 Gbps
  • Version 3.0 – 40 GBPS

Below is the Thunderbolt verion 1 and 2. It uses old mini display port.

Thunderbold version 3. Connectors look like USB C. It has the logo like lightening bolt. Thunderbold has very high throughput

Lightening connection

Lightening is proprietary for Apple products. Charging, data transfers. If you are running macos, you are probably using thunderbolt, if you are using ios, you are using lightening connectors. We are seeing more thunderbolt being used in macos world using usb c.

The only downsize to lightening compared to thunderbolt 3 is speed. Lightening runs at max 5GBPS compared to thunderbold 40 GBPS .

PS2 Connector

It predates USB. Gamers wuld like to use pS2 for latency reason.

Purple connector is for keyboard, green is for mouse. Only downside is you cant plugin on fly, shut system and plugin and then use.


  • Top right – auxiliary lline like recording
  • Middle right – front two stereo
  • Bottom right microphone
  • Bottom left side speraker
  • Middle left – rear speakers
  • Top left – sub woofer and central channel. 

Straight Tip ST

Subscriber Connector SC

Lucent Connector | Little Connector LC

Punchdown Block


Molex connector is the vernacular term for a two-piece pin and socket interconnection. Pioneered by Molex Connector Company, the two-piece design became an early electronic standard. Molex developed and patented the first examples of this connector style in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

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