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Monitor Technology

Liquid Crystal Display LCD

All LCD monitors have to have some kinds of back lighting to them. In the first generation LCD, we used CCFL (Cold Cathode Flourscent Lamp) lamp. But in today’s world, we use LED (Light Emitting Diodes). So LCD panels have either LCD lamp or LED(mostly LED).

Different types of LCD panels

TN (Twisted Nematic

TN is very inexpensive.

IPS (In-Plane Switching)

IPS is very popular because it has very wide view


NIT is the measurement of light and it measures how bright the screen is. Panels generally have 200-500 nits.

Response Time

Today’s monitor will have response time form 1ms to 4ms.

OLED Organic LED bulb

You can really make thin monitor with OLED. Most of the smart devices use OLED because they are so thin.

DLP Digital Light Moniroring

Instead of having indivisual pixel, it adopts the idea of having millions of tiny mirrors. These mirros are setup in a grid that defines the resolution. We dont see DLP in many monitors although it is very popular with projectr.


Display Port

Digital Visual Interface DVI

Video Graphics Array VGA

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