Deployment for Micrsoft. 365 Apps

Microsoft 365 Apps can be installed independantly by users on their devices. Managing updates and deploying a customised selection of Apps to users’ devices can help ensure that everyone has the apps they need.

Four different methods to deploy Microsoft 365 Apps on a larger scale.

  1. Deploy from a local source with Configuration Manager: Configuration Manager allows you to manage your deployment and download and deploy office from your network’s distribution points.
  2. Deploy from the cloud with the Office Deployment Tool (ODT): Use the ODT to manage your deployment, and the Office Customisation Tool to create a cloud-based configuration file that specifies the Microsoft 365 apps that are installed.
  3. Deploy from a local source with the Office Deployment Tool (ODT): We can manage deployment with the ODT, and download and deploy Office from a local source on your network.
  4. Self-install from the cloud: We can manage deployment from the office portal and have our users install Office on their client devices directly from the portal.

Microsoft 365 Apps update channels types

Microsoft provides with update channels, which allows us to manage how frequently new feature updates are sent to our company.

There are three primary update channels for Micrsoft 365 Apps

  1. Current channel: It receives feature updates at least one a month. It provides users with the newest Office features as soon as they’re ready. This is recommended.
  2. Monthly Enterprise Channel: It receives features updates one a month. It provides users with new Office features once a month on a predictable release schedule.
  3. Semi-Annual Enterprise channel: It receives features updates every six months. For select devices in our company that need extensive testing before rolling out new office features.

Microsoft also provides each update channel with two other types of updates (Security updates and Non security updates (quality updates) that are released every second Tuesday of a month.

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